Online Summer Camps

Our popular music making summer camps are now available online! Participants learn how to make their own music in their own style (e.g. Hip Hop, Dance) using the latest software and music production techniques.
They come away with their own MP3, their own copy of the software & the skills to continue being creative…

Course Structure:
The course runs for 1 hour every day for a week Monday to Friday. Each class consists of demos and break out sessions in small groups where participants do exercises and get to work on their tracks. Each session links together to give an overall process for making your own track. Exercises are given so that students can continue to work on their music between sessions.

Software & Extras Included!
Students get their own Ableton Intro Software licence to keep, this is included in the price. So they can keep developing their skills after the course finishes. Materials including music samples and devices are also supplied in advance along with access to support tutorials online for reference outside of class.

Tech Set Up:
We have a ‘Tech Check-In’ session in advance to say hello to everyone and make sure everyone can get set up with software and access. We send out a pack with instructions and materials before starting and also provide some 121 support where needed so that everyone is comfortable.


Next Dates?
Mon-Fri: TBC

System Requirements?
Students need to access from a laptop or computer, either a PC or MAC is fine.
(Tablets are not supported)

Age Group & Experience?
These summer camps are for teenagers, typically 12-17 years. No previous musical or music software experience is needed, the more proficient a student is using a computer the more they will tend to get out of the course.

Group Size?
We keep our groups relatively small to allow questions and a good tutor:student ratio. We also use break-out rooms with small groups of 3/4 to allow for more interaction. Students can also ask questions privately if they prefer etc.



* This includes a personal copy of music software worth €77.

The pricing is family friendly too – we only charge per connection. E.g. if there are 2 or 3 siblings who are happy to work together and use the same computer, the charge is still €89.

Spaces are limited. Email or call to book.


[Suspended for  2020 due to Covid]

What we do:
We run a set of workshops that can be stand-alone or part of a bigger summer school programme. We arrive with laptops, keyboards etc and run a set of interactive sessions with your group. Participants learn the basics and get to make their own music (e.g. Hip Hop, Dance) using the latest software and hardware.

Generally we run our summer schools in two phases. In the first phase participants get to pick up the skills, in the second they’re working on their own track and preparing for performance. There’s flexibility in course structure so we can suit your timetable & budget. E.g. the course can be run over 4 or 5 days, with 2-5 hours tuition per day.

All our summer courses are geared toward an end goal, e.g. finished tracks & a public performance. Participants come away with their own published MP3 of their work. Students can ‘live mix’ and trigger their compositions using MIDI controllers to whatever degree of difficulty suits their level of confidence.

Student Benefits:
Aside from having good fun along the way, students benefit from gaining creative confidence and equipping themselves with music technology know-how for creating further music. There’s also lots of angles for personal development such as performing individual creations in front of others.

Sample Outline


Location Requirements?
A room with tables & chairs and a couple of plug sockets, we bring everything else.

Participant Requirments?
The activity tends to best suit teens+ as some concentration is needed. No technical experience needed, we start from scratch. If the group is musical or interested in music they will get more out of it, but musical proficiency not essential.

No. of Students?
The ideal size is 5-8 students with a max size of 10-12. For bigger groups we can add an extra tutor and/or split the group.



We charge a flat rate of €75* per tuition hour.

* This includes supply & use of all equipment, provision of software,
travel time, preparation and post-production.

5 days, 2 hours per day: 10x€75 = €750
4 days, 4 hours per day: 16x€75 = €1,200



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