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Music making is a great way of engaging people in a creative activity while also picking up transferable technical skills and creating a platform for personal development & confidence building.

We have teamed up with organisations such as TSLI, SCOOP Foundation and Schools of Sanctuary to deliver music making programmes in Direct Provision centres and other outreach contexts.

It provides an effective and natural way for participants to connect with peers in the community through a shared interest in music with many going on to release tracks, perform & collaborate.

Music Examples

How it works

What we do:
Our courses are delivered online or via a mixture of on-site and online where possible. Participants learn the basics and get to make their own music using the latest software and hardware. We supply laptops & equipment for learning.
Courses can be run over a number of sessions according to what suits people’s availability, e.g. a 1-2 hour session per week for 4-8 weeks/ a camp for 4-5 days. And/or we can do a taster session as a once off so participants get to see what it’s all about.
All our workshops are geared toward an end goal. This can include a finished set of tracks published online or else a public performance – e.g. in a venue or local radio. Participants come away with their own MP3s & software to keep and continue.
All our Direct Provision courses are funded and FREE for participants. For other outreach projects we charge a flat rate per hour so you can scale activity up or down to suit your budget. Some programmes are part-funded.


• All equipment supplied
• Experienced tuition
• Connections with artists/peers
• Remote delivery


Direct Provision courses are funded and FREE.
For other projects, the rate is €70 per tuition hour.

* This includes supply & use of all equipment, software, travel, preparation, etc.

2-hour taster workshop: 2x€70 = €140
2-hour session each day for 4 days: 8x€70 = €560



“The workshops are engaging and accessible – allowing for real confidence building…”
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“We have always found the activity incredibly engaging, flexible, fresh and exciting…”
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“CreateSound brought music, education, astonishing equipment and real excitement…”
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