We can record/produce online (e.g. during Covid) or we bring all the equipment and set up in your place of work, home or wherever suits at whatever time suits. E.g. book a meeting room in work for 30 minutes.


We use studio microphones and professional recording software to help ensure a quality experience for your listeners and so your podcast stands out.


We are experienced producers/engineers so can lend advice on acoustics, production values and programming to help you achieve the best ongoing content.

Why Podcasts?

A Word in Your Ear:
‘Listening’ has become more and more popular as a means of consuming content. People are visually over stimulated – clickbait, news feeds, Zoom calls. Podcasts offer curated content that you can listen to at your own convenience…at a time that suits.

Poetic Licence:
You’re the content creator.. and you’re not at the mercy of a production company or broadcaster.. this opens the door for more interesting content, pushing the envelope and engaging the listener with more authentic themes and discourse.

Expanding Audience:
We teamed up with the UCD Innovation Academy who conducted some research on our behalf. 56% of people surveyed have listened to podcasts and Ireland is ahead of the EU average in terms of news consumers who listen to podcasts. But why stop there, with a podcast you’ve a global reach.

As a means of creating awareness for your business or cause, taking the trouble to develop meaningful content via podcasting bodes well with your audience. People are shrewd and tend to be less likely to respond to unsolicited online ads. Relevant content can also help boost search rankings and your online presence via sharing.


End to end service
Set up, recording, editing, file prep. You speak, we do the rest.

All equipment supplied
You don’t need to invest in mics or software.

Online or we can come to practically any location that suits you.

We bring know how in acoustics/recording/mixing.. and we’re happy to show your the ropes if you want to learn too.


Introductory rate: €60* per hour.

* Special rate for your first ‘series’ of recordings so you can test out the service. For pricing purposes we treat a series as a regular engagement of up to 10 episodes. There may be a small mark up for follow on series.

Typical Cost:
For our current clients per episode we charge 1 hour for recording, 1 hour for mixing –
i.e. 2 hours x €60 = €120 per episode



Money Never Sleeps

CreateSound have been essential in getting our MoneyNeverSleeps podcast off the ground. From the identity creation to regular recording, engineering, and even educating us on the process, CreateSound have been brilliant both professionally and creatively.

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CreateSound record and edit the Aquest Podcast and provide an excellent service.  They are professional, responsive and so helpful. I highly recommend them!

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